Review to Start 2019

Share Cognitive Science Implications for Teaching Mathematics

I would like to begin 2019 with a bit of review. I hope this review will accomplish a few things:
1. Establish some important mathematics facts
2. Establish context in which to view these mathematics facts
3. Establish the REAL purpose of the previously presented example
4. Establish a revised general approach for teaching mathematics
5. Establish a framework in which to illustrate how recent findings in Cognitive Science should be used to teach and learn mathematics
The forthcoming review will focus on the series of blog posts beginning on 11 OCT 18 and ending on 27 DEC 18.
To obtain maximum benefit from the forthcoming review, I recommend that you read, study, and keep available for future reference the 22 blog posts from 11 OCT 18 to 27 DEC 18.

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