Study Strategies to Produce Learning

Share Cognitive Science Implications for Teaching Mathematics

Current research clearly identifies three keystone study strategies, five additional effective study strategies, and three common strategies which should be avoided.

  • Three keystone study strategies
    • Practice Retrieving New Learning from Memory
    • Space Out Retrieval Practice
    • Interleave the Study of Different Problem Types
  • Five additional effective strategies
    • Elaboration
    • Reflection
    • Generation
    • Calibration
    • Mnemonics
  • Strategies which should be avoided
    • Massed practice
    • Excessive rereading
    • Excessive underlining

If you Study the diagram carefully, you will reach the conclusion that learning is the mitigation of forgetting. Such a simplification has a certain appeal and may help us remember certain facts about learning, but does not explain a very complex topic – LEARNING.

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