Think About It

We have all encountered short hard-hitting little statements which are designed to guide some of our behavior.  Usually we simply ignore these statements.  On this page I am going to collect a number of such statements about teaching, learning, and mathematics.  I encourage you to think about each of them.  They frequently contain surprising little gems of knowledge.  Sometimes they provide encouragement to remember a theory.

  1. Mathematics is an intellectual activity, not a motor skill.
    -Delano P. Wegener, 2005
  2. Stop doing math long enough to learn it.
    – Delano P. Wegener, 2004
  3. Learning is the mitigation of forgetting.
    – Delano P. Wegener, 2015
  4. One cannot apply what one knows in a practical manner if one does not know anything to apply.
    – Robert Sternberg, 2002
  5. Memory is the residue of thought.
    – Daniel T. Willingham
  6. All new learning requires a foundation of prior knowledge.
    – Daniel T. Willingham
  7. One of the factors that contributes to successful thought is the amount and quality of information in long-term memory.
    – Daniel T. Willingham