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There are a number of excellent websites that should be a constant source of information for educators.  I will present those that I know.  If you think others should be included send me the URL and I will consider it for inclusion.

It would demonstrate a lack of confidence if I did not list my earlier Facebook page in the number one spot on this page.  It is a summary of my understanding of the newer findings in Cognitive Science.  This Facebook effort was interrupted when my wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  The Facebook entries emphasized general findings whereas the current blog is intended to be a logical  continuation with specific application to teaching and learning mathematics.
Facebook Teaching Mathematics

The Learning Scientist Blog is an impressive site which was begun by two Cognitive Psychological Scientists:  Megan Sumeracki, Ph.D. and Yana Weinstein, Ph.D.  They have enlisted a number of others to help with the website and writing.  The two founders of the blog have outstanding credentials and have both studied and collaborated with leaders in the field of cognitive science.
The Learning Scientists’ website
The Learning Scientists’ blog

The UCLA Bjork Learning and Forgetting Lab is a substantial and reliable source of information about learning and forgetting.
The Bjork Website
The research portion of the Bjork site is important.  Be sure to watch the excellent videos.
The Bjork Videos