Kicking off 2019

Share Cognitive Science Implications for Teaching Mathematics

I plan to begin the year with some review of basic ideas from cognitive science and from mathematics education.  After that brief review, I plan to concentrate on illustrations of applying current cognitive science to teaching elementary mathematics.

I expect to revive and revise some computer programs for presenting on-line low-stakes quizzes. (TF, MC, SAN, FIB, SEL).  I wrote these programs about 10 years ago and have trouble understanding some of the code I wrote.  Moreover, I am much slower at programming now than I was 10 year ago. So, it is slow going.  However, I expect to have more available time in 2019.  I have the Flash Card program working and am close with the True/False quiz presenter.  Check out the Flash Card presenter at

I expect to add new features to the Blog and to enhance some of the existing features.  For example, I have added a “Book of the Month” feature. As another example, I have become an Amazon Associate.

The Book of the Month feature is quite simple.  I will present my suggestions for a reading list which will help inform anyone interested in cognitive science.  You may purchase the book of the month directly form the listing and I will receive a small commission.  Get started today because the order in which these books are read is relevant, especially in the beginning.

The Amazon Associates program permits you to purchase books directly from the Blog and it provides me with an opportunity, with no cost to you, to receive a small commission to help support the activities and costs of maintaining the Blog.  What I present, and how I present it, on the Blog is regulated by both Amazon rules and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rules.  I will abide by these rules at all times.

I receive a small commission when:

  1. You purchase the item for which I have provided a link.
  2. You follow one of my links to an Amazon item, and during that session at Amazon you purchase an item which I have not linked. So, if you follow a link to a fantastic book, don’t buy the book, but during the same session at Amazon you purchase a large screen TV, I will receive a commission on the TV purchase.  Never is the price to you affected by the fact that I receive a commission.

Amazon Associate links are currently in action at “Book of the Month” and at “Recommended Books” Pages ( )

Finally, I expect to complete a book in 2019.  I have begun writing, editing, assembling, and otherwise preparing a book which presents many examples of the classical “WORD Problems”.  In every example, I will relate the modeling process to The Transitive Property of Equality.  I firmly believe such unification is desirable.  The book will be an example of using mathematics and deductive reasoning to solve problems.

That in broad strokes is my plan for   in 2019.

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